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RSS fead for Tumblr dashboard

26 Авг 2010 Tumblr

Hey guys,

Going to use Tumblr as platform for my personal weblog around web technology and other tech themes.

So currently my http://timurv.ru hosted here on Thumblr. Interesting thing Thumblr have no RSS for dashboard but you can found a lot of code samples or services for getting RSS data over API, for example this one looks OK http://tumblr.immcdavis.com/post/397177701/tumblr-dashboard-rss-generator.

> But: note - because of the way Tumblr’s authentication works, I have to save your password to be able to access your dashboard. If you’re worried about storing your password elsewhere, don’t use this.

Where is the code man? I prefer see what I use. OK, for now I would like to find other ready solutions, (do you know others?), or write simple application hosted on heroku and public github repo. What you think about it?